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Class-By-Class Damage Analytics

Original Twitter Post:

@TheRedVillage | Class-By-Class Damage Analytics | 27 MAY 2022

Over 1.6M hits have been exchanged in TRV battles. Below is an overview of mean damage dealt by Class.

Base Attack vs Base Defense

  • No surprise, Rangers tend to be great attackers & poor defenders. Druids converse. 1/6

Base Attack vs Special Defense

  • Druid (and to a lesser extent Barb and Wizard) Special Defense tends to mitigate damage effectively. Ranger and Paladin are relatively ineffective at doing so. 2/6

Special Attack vs Base Defense

  • Ranger special attack torches the competition across the board, whereas Druids special attack is lackluster across all classes. 3/6

Special Attack vs Special Defense

  • The Special v Special class breakdown looks similar to Base v Base. Rangers produce great attack & poor defense. Druids exhibit the opposite pattern: poor attack & great defense. 4/6

Comparing the Base v Base chart (#1) to the Special v Special chart (#4) suggests that the Special Attack is more ‘powerful’ than Special Defense. In essence, Special Attack is more effective in amplifying base damage than is Special Defense at mitigating it (by ~40-60%). 5/6

Two notes:

  1. Nerfed first strike is removed from all descriptive stats above to reduce noise/increase purity of signal.

  2. Although Special Attack seems to be more valuable than Special Defense, it is currently unclear whether SA and SD are rolled at equal rates.

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