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Class-By-Genotype Special Probability

Original Twitter Post:

@TheRedVillage | Class-By-Genotype Special Probability | 27 MAY 2022

As a follow-up, Special Attack & Defend Probability is primarily structured by Bloodline rather than Class or Genotype.

Special Attack Probability:

  • Genesis (R1-3): ~8.5 or 8.6%

  • Mystic (R4-6): ~8.0 or 8.1%

  • 1/5

Special Defense Probability:

  • Genesis (R1-3): ~8.5 or 8.6%

  • Mystic (R4-6): ~8.0 or 8.1%

  • 2/5

It’s tempting to over-interpret the variation amongst classes and genotypes as genuine, but it’s very likely that these subtle differences will erode over time. By contrast, Bloodline differences are certainly genuine (as described in TRV documentation). 3/5

I’m also not convinced that Special Attack probability differs from Special Defense probability in any consistent way amongst classes. E.g. I highly doubt Genesis Barbs have intrinsically higher SD probabilities than Gen Rangers while Mystic Rangers display the opposite. 4/5

Similarly, does anyone really think R3 Paladins just so happen to have the highest special attack probability in the game? These subtle variations are almost certainly attributable to noise (e.g. a few stud fighters comprising a disproportionate % of entries w/in a group). 5/5

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